Courses taught at DePaul University:

  • IT 263 Applied Networks and Security
  • TDC 363 Introduction to Local Area Networks
  • TDC 365 Network Interconnection Technologies
  • TDC 375 Network Protocols
  • TDC 463 Computer Networks
  • TDC 563 Protocols and Techniques for Data Networks




In April of this year I conducted an informal two-question survey aimed at the general membership population of the REN-ISAC community. The intent was to gather personal positions and associated member institution stances on DNS over TCP (i.e. should it be filtered, restricted, or unfettered). I was interested in gathering Internet community perceptions after a recently submitted Internet-Draft on DNS Transport over TCP was adopted by the IETF dnsop working group. REN-ISAC participants are generally well regarded, having both a breadth of knowledge and above average technical expertise. I had hoped the results would demonstrate the “best case” representation of any organized security community. By best case, I mean those who realize the pitfalls of filtering or restricting DNS over TCP traffic, and who would generally accept that it ought to be allowed unfettered.